A popular service for reading e-books based on subscription on the iOS, Android, and Windows platforms with a large library estimated at 500 thousand books in 12 languages and 3 million subscribers worldwide.


A high cost of attracting paying customers (Customer Aqusition Cost)


A personalized ad campaign using E-Contenta Attract technology in the MyTarget social networks – Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki. And Moy Mir


High conversion rate into purchases and subscriptions when apps are downloaded. 20% decrease in CAC.
«I would be happy to act as reference for you with potential partners. Already at our first meeting I was struck by entrepreneurial drive and grasp of what was needed for your startup to get its first traction. I think you have assembled a talented team of engineers well suited to the business you plan to build and have a clear vision for where you want to go with E-Contenta»
Simon Dunlop
Founder and CEO at Bookmate

Did you know?

When we first start working with a company, we offer them to try E-Contenta technology for free. We do a pilot project and we record the metrics before using our algorithm and after. According to those numbers, we are able to see how well our recommendations are working.
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