Matches Fashion is a London-based luxury fashion retailer. The company offers the work of more than 400 designers like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Burberry and Lanvin. The business operates online and via four London stores, and runs No.23, a private-shopping townhouse.


Storytelling has become a cliché in the fashion business, with brands and retailers forever weaving elaborate narratives around products and projects in a bid to justify price and keep their customers’ eyes from straying to the competition.


E-CONTENTA uses an algorithm that collects and analyzes data on user behavior, enabling Matches to refine the distribution of its weekly online magazine The Style Report by directing it to users who are most likely to buy from its pages.


With E-Contenta, Matches tailors editorial to certain customer groups depending on their interests and online activity. People being exposed to targeted content look at twice as many pages, have a better conversion rate and better average basket value.
«It is about increasing the repeat visits of our customers, but doing it in a way that is going to be relevant to them, based on their own interests. Because we know that content and editorial have such an impact on the business metrics and performances, we believe we will also see an uplift on conversion rate.»
Nicholas Pickaerts

Did you know?

When we first start working with a company, we offer them to try E-Contenta technology for free. We do a pilot project and we record the metrics before using our algorithm and after. According to those numbers, we are able to see how well our recommendations are working.
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