An online subscription-based reading service with a library of 63,000 books operating on the web as well as the iOS and Android mobile platforms.


Raising the engagement of customers in reading and increasing LTV


Personalized recommendations in the app based on data from the MyBook app and public data from DMP


Increased customer life cycle (LTV) by 25%
“Considering that we are selling a service, the most important thing we build around is how the customer feels and how comfortable they are. If it is a choice or service, then we must keep it quick and efficient. If it is reading, then we most keep it convenient and cozy. That’s why the majority of our effort is directed toward usability”
Maxim Gurets

Did you know?

In the Summer of 2015, Facebook began keeping statistics on the length of time that posts are watched and video content is viewed in. The analytics take into account not only the obvious factors, but also data on what part of the viewed video was switched into full screen mode, what part was watched in HD, and whether mute was at all selected.
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