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Preview how your story will look in the format of native ads for different publishers and social media. Edit, accept or decline design options created for you by the system. Harpers’ Bazaar, InStyle, Elle, Vogue - now you can reach more than 250K+ publishers with just one click.


x2 Time Session
x2 Pages per Visit


+20% Basket value
«It is about increasing the repeat visits of our customers, but doing it in a way that is going to be relevant to them, based on their own interests. Because we know that content and editorial have such an impact on the business metrics and performances, we believe we will also see an uplift on conversion rate.»
Nicholas Pickaerts
“If recommendation systems are meant to do real business, then what they need to do is go full-throttle with their customer operations and operate like a channel. That’s the way Bookmate operates with E-Contenta.”
Konstantin Savenkov
«I would be happy to act as reference for you with potential partners. Already at our first meeting I was struck by entrepreneurial drive and grasp of what was needed for your startup to get its first traction. I think you have assembled a talented team of engineers well suited to the business you plan to build and have a clear vision for where you want to go with E-Contenta»
Simon Dunlop
Founder and CEO at Bookmate
“Considering that we are selling a service, the most important thing we build around is how the customer feels and how comfortable they are. If it is a choice or service, then we must keep it quick and efficient. If it is reading, then we most keep it convenient and cozy. That’s why the majority of our effort is directed toward usability”
Maxim Gurets
“We monetize at the expense of the video ad. The more relevant the videos that we recommend are, the bigger the chances we have of increasing profit. For this reason, it is very important to have a reliable partner ensuring the stable operation of real time recommendations.”
Igor Shipilov
“Technology is being tailored to what shows subscribers watch at what time. Next time, all I’ll have to do is launch the app on my smartphone and enjoy a TV show or series that now I won’t have to seek out in a sea of TV information.”
Denis Martyntsev
“It is surprising that the personalized film recommendations section based on the E-Contenta algorithm is opened 2.5 times more often than the same section with a selection of the most popular films.”
Yan Sloka
“It is very important for stores focused on customers of top clothing brands to demonstrate a high level of service. This extends to internet stores as well. A personalized approach to each customer along with personalized recommendations is all but obligatory attributes for front-running online sales companies.”
Konstantin Sinyushin
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By using its preference analysis technology of over 60 million subscribers all over the world, Spotify has already been coming out with very accurate predictions of upcoming Grammy prize winners in major nominations for several years now.
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