The licensed video library which is regularly added to and updated contains over 5,000 categories: movies, fiction, documentaries, series, cartoons, sports, TV shows, and other programs. It’s available on Smart TV and boasts around 1 million subscribers.


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Integrating a personalized recommendations section


Films in the personalized recommendation section are watched 2.5 times more often
“It is surprising that the personalized film recommendations section based on the E-Contenta algorithm is opened 2.5 times more often than the same section with a selection of the most popular films.”
Yan Sloka

Interesting Side Note

Our recommendations system has data stored on 51.75 million users and 1.26 million items, or videos. It goes without saying that no user would be able to watch all of those videos in the foreseeable future. That’s where our recommendations system comes to his aid.
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