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Monetize your content, generate leads, get more paying customers for your business using E‑Contenta, a programmatic platform for native advertising
Example of native advertising
Over 100 campaigns were held on the E‑Contenta platform,
each of them based on the branded content as an effective
customer acquisition strategy
Over 100 campaigns were held on the E‑Contenta platform, each of them based on the branded content as an effective
customer acquisition strategy
The first platform to combine content and sales

Three components of our approach to lead generation and online sales growth using content:

Native ads placed through the E‑Contenta platform appear in the
recommended articles section and look like a teaser for an editorial. Such presentation helps to gain trust among users and provide a higher CTR.
Example of native advertising 2

1. Native advertising:
higher CTR

E‑Contenta displays advertising only if the user's interests match with the
content of the advertiser's web site pages. This ensures high-quality traffic
behavior after visiting a company website: users stay longer and browse
more pages.
Example of native advertising 3

2. Content algorithms:
better post-click behavior

Users returning to the advertiser's web site repeatedly perform a target
action (i.e., registration, request for information or purchasing) 3.5 times
more often than the new ones. Therefore, we paid much attention to the
retargeting strategy and linked the E‑Contenta platform to the other traffic
channels, such as Facebook

3. Integration with the other channels: conversion to target action

E-Contenta platform is integrated with 200 thousand media sources around the world. Make a white-list of publishers writing on the topics your target audience is interested in and launch your advertising campaign through them.
 Business Development Director of the native advertising platform "E-contenta".
Retail, FMCG, IT, banks and insurance companies are focusing on online business even more. There is a huge demand on the market for digital marketing campaigns that would lead to real business results like app installs, subscriptions, white-paper downloads, info requests and purchases. That is why we have implemented CPA (Cost per Action) model so that
E-Contenta partners and customers could run effective and goal-oriented campaigns.
Blazej Soniewicki,
COO, E‑Contenta Poland

Payment options
We always find the format that benefit our partners and clients!
СPA (Cost Per Action)
During the pilot we agree on cost of the target action - registration, sending a request, installing the app, purchasing and the number of target actions that we guarantee for the entire campaign.
CPC (Cost Per Click)
Pay for clicks and get as many taget users on your website as necessary.
CPM (Cost Per Mille)
Cost per 1000 impressions of an ad - this format is suitable for image and reach campaigns.
E-Contenta: Content Performance Platform

We combine various targeting tools and strategies to find the most effective combination that would profit your business


Showing ads to the audience who visited the advertiser's web site but didn't perform the target action


Only the online users similar to the advertiser's target customers will see the ads


Targeting based on specific interests (e.g. sports, home, finances) or socio-demographic characteristics (gender, age)
Geo and IP
Targeting the users by geographic location - country, region, city


Showing ads to the users who use laptop, mobile phone or tablet

Dynamic targeting

We set the rules for displaying ads depending on the changing conditions (such as the weather, exchange rates or traffic jams)

Customer Feedback
How to launch a campaign
If the goal of your campaign is to attract paying customers, generate leads and sales, be prepared to share some important information with us
Tell us about the goals, objectives, timing, budget and expected results of the digital ad campaign.
Tech preparation
Provide us access to your content, analytical systems and pixels.
Let's go!
Our traffic manager launches a campaign on the E-Contenta platform and optimizes it, achieving the highest possible performance.
Report and recommendations
At the end of the campaign, you will receive a report with the results, examples of placements and recommendations for improving efficiency.
Learn how E-Contenta can help you to get the most out of native ads!
Send us a brief description of your challenge, get info about current special offers and a commercial offer within 1 business day

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