Meet Olga Sloniowska – our Head of Business Development in Poland!

Meet Olya – our Head of Business Development in Poland! She gave us an interview about her life, hobbies and experience in native.

Olya, you are the company’s representative in Poland. Before we`ll ask you about your experience at E-Contenta, tell us something about yourself. Where are you from, what hobbies do you have?

Well, I’m going to start by saying that now I live in Warsaw, but I was born in another polish city called Wroclaw. By the way, I have a very interesting story about it. When E-Contenta was just beginning to settle in Poland, the company was originally registered in Wroclaw. I learned about it when I joined E-Contenta and it was a really good sign for me. 

I think i’m very energetic person. I love dogs and always try to help shelters or homeless animals somehow. I’m keen on travelling, like to learn languages and meet new people, because the best way to understand other culture. With E-Contenta i have an opportunity to learn russian, and that’s awesome!

Now, we’re moving closer to the company. What responsibilities do you have in E-Contenta?

I am the Head of Business Development. To put it simply, I’m dealing with partners who are interested in native advertising. Also, my job is to search for new business opportunities, settle a meetings, and inspire future partners to develop their content marketing strategy with the help of E-Contenta.

Let’s talk about native advertising. How did you get into this area?

My career started in IT, continued in e-commerce and after all, I got into online marketing. It wasn’t hard for me to focus 100% on the native because for me both e-commerce and native are one digital-world. I enjoy working in native because such type of advertising isn’t annoying. It is included organically in the publisher’s interface and seems very natural.

Why do you think native advertising is so popular now?

According to Business Insider statistics, over 200 million people are using ad blockers which usually do not affect native ad formats. And here comes E-Contenta’s solutions! It isn’t only about redirecting good quality traffic. We help companies to communicate and build close relationships with their target audience in different ways. I believe that is the main reason and I’m happy that more and more companies coming to this type of communication with their customers nowadays.