Image that sells: how to choose picture for native ad

90% of the information around us is visual. That’s why we decided to tell about requirements and recommendations for choosing an image for native ads which will help you to get the best result!

Let’s start with the must-follow image requirements:

▪️ Image size – 1200×900 pixels, aspect ratio – 4×3;

▪️File formats – GIF, JPG or PNG;

▪️The image should not contain any logos or texts.

Why are these rules important? More than 200 thousand online publishers are connected to the E-Contenta network. The creatives are moderated automatically, and failure notifications sometimes may not be received. Therefore, those ads that do not meet the requirements just won’t show up on the page.

Compliance with the requirements is very important, but let’s not forget that the picture should also be attractive. Here are the best practices to make a native banner clickable:

▪️Pictures with people or animals provide a higher CTR compared to those with inanimate objects or landscapes. If we’re talking about the photo of a person, it’s better if it’s a full face looking straight at the user. Keep in mind that a perfect staged photo is not always a key to success. Sometimes amateur photos could be more charismatic and interesting.

▪️When choosing an image, do not forget about shades and colors. Black-and-white image holds a user’s gaze for ⅔ of a second, whereas a color picture can hold it for up to 3 seconds.

Congratulations, now you know how to pick a perfect image! But remember: native ad is not only a picture, but also a title. Next time we’ll give you some tips for the effective work with texts in the native advertising. Stay tuned!