Why do scary, touching or funny creatives get the highest CTR?

How does native advertising begin? Of course, with a creative! A creative (or an ad) is the element that evokes emotion and engages readers, pushing them to click on it. The more emotional the creative, the higher the CTR. Sometimes it can reach 2-2.5%. Today we put down a rating of native ads placed on the E-Contenta platform, which the audience likes best exactly due to its emotional part.

No. 5: Fear

Creepy ad teasers take the fifth place. The campaign for Excimer Ophthalmology Clinic was aimed at promoting articles about treating diseases and improving vision. Advertisements were posted on the clinic’s website, where one could learn about treatment and leave a request for consultation with a specialist. Of all the ad creatives, the banner titled “Can you go blind from laser eye surgery” got the most response. What about you, do you know the right answer?

No. 4: Affection 

What can make almost everyone go “aww”? Puppies! Everybody fell in love with the creatives from the Pedigree campaign – both the E-Contenta team and the Internet audience. After clicking on the ad, users were directed to the brand’s articles in the corporate blog. They answered such questions as how to teach a puppy commands, at what age it is better to bring a new member to the family, and how to take a proper care. It should be noted that all ads in this campaign had the high CTR, but the leader was the ad titled “When should you take a new puppy home?”. That’s it: less words, more pictures. Pictures of puppies, of course!

No. 3: Curiosity

Curiosity ranks third in our rating. One of the meanings of this word is a petty interest in every detail, no matter how insignificant. It is worth noting that there are lots of curious people on Runet. This fact is proved by the high click-through rate of the banner “Why don’t restaurants accept bank cards?” from Sberbank ad campaign, which promoted the content of “Svoe Delo” online magazine for small and medium business owners. This brand media tells about how an entrepreneur can survive in an aggressive environment at the start, and many articles appeal specifically to an entrepreneur’s curiosity and desire to gain knowledge, skills, and experience.

No. 2: Fun

We are almost there, and the second place of our top chart is given to the humor. Laughter is a reflex without any biological purpose. However, it often helps us to fight loneliness, mitigate aggression, win disputes and quickly determine if a person fits in a company. Humor in advertising is used quite often as a technique to win the hearts of the target audience. Scholl, a brand manufacturer of foot hygiene products, launched an ad campaign with a creative called “Causes of cracked heels” and all of a sudden it raised a laugh. The headline wasn’t the point here – it was an image that looked very ambiguous. Are those really heels, or maybe it is a different body part in all of its naked glory? Naturally, everyone wanted to get a closer look, so the CTR skyrocketed. You can never guess what will push everyone’s buttons!

No. 1: Love

The first place is taken by love and by the SpermaPlant medicine (“Evalar”) creative. Whatever one may say, but when a product contributes to the male reproductive function, any ad creative of this campaign automatically gains the context of passion.

Advertising that evokes strong emotions increases sales by 23%. These are the results of one study by Nielsen, an American company. The research took place in a special laboratory: test subjects were connected to sensors that tracked their biological and psychophysiological reactions. This allowed to determine which ad gets the strongest response. And then we analyzed the sales results after the advertising campaign had finished. Our mini-study involved no sensors, but the high click-through rate of ads suggests that brands banking on emotion in their creatives have a good chance of getting a loyal customer.