What will come into fashion this spring?

Why does a company need a blog? According to research by Seotribunal, 66% of brands creating content for their consumers get 3 times more leads. We’re all looking forward to spring and sun, and meanwhile, let us share our selection of brand media from the world of fashion.


H&M blog will let you discover new fashion icons, study beauty must-haves of models and learn how to combine things properly. Fashion items have their own stories — you’ll read how and why they became popular. Want to know why aviator sunglasses will always be on trend, or how a usual T-shirt is now becoming a part of high fashion? Read the blog!

Note to a content marketing manager: Most often, brand articles look like lists: “5 accessories you need right now”, “4 ways to wear a men's suit”. This helps to structure the material and avoid unnecessary rhetoric.

Gate 31

This brand has been on the market since 2015. Its creators were inspired by the idea that fashion should be simple and smart. In its blog, the brand not only announces upcoming collections, but also teaches taking the best pictures for Instagram and shares inspiring projects (which sometimes, by the way, have nothing to do with the fashion industry).

Note to the content marketing manager: This is where you need to pay attention to exactly what inspires the brand; surprisingly, it’s almost always cities and modern architecture. There are articles about Thalia Theater in Lisbon, Vienna and other breathtaking spots.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney blog posts new clothing lines or interesting collaborations. For example, the brand recently published the news about its joint collection with Adidas.

Note to the content marketing manager: It's interesting to keep track of how the brand communicates its values ​​and priorities through the blog. For example, that collection with Adidas is all about young talents in the sports world. Look at the brand's spring line, it’s created from recycled materials and refers to the problem of climate change and the environment in general.

12 Storeez

Russian brand of women's clothing created by sisters Irina and Marina Golomazdina. The brand is actively publishing news from the company life and announcing new collections in its blog. In addition, you can find other articles related not so much to the life of the brand as to the history of the fashion industry. For example: “How jeans were created”, “All about cashmere” and others.

Note to the content market manager: Almost always, the main characters of articles are the brand founders. Through them, a client learns about what led to the creation of a particular line, or became a springboard for starting a business - often all these materials are linked to the childhood, family, or life events of Irina and Marina in.

Ralph Lauren

High fashion also does not stand aside! The Ralph Lauren blog has only 4 columns: culture, sports, style and travel. A lot can be found about the designer himself and his family, like stories from his life and principles that guide him during his work.

Note for content market managers: There are lots of articles in the blog - and, in fact, each of them has a description of an author and who he is. For example, a writer & musician from New York talks about cocktails at The Polo Bar located in his city. Writer Sarah Bray, who lives in Bermuda, shows the beauty of the islands, and columnist for The Tennis Space, Mark Hodgkinson, writes about the anniversary of the US Open.

The brands listed are just a few of those who use a blog as part of their content strategy. And this is not surprising: according to Salesforce statistics, brands lose up to 52% of customers if they do not offer them unique and interesting content.