Dynamic targeting: Auto-changing ads and CTR 2.3 times higher

Dynamic targeting is a new feature on the E-Contenta platform. This technology allows to change the advertisement automatically depending on variable parameters, such as exchange rates, stock prices, traffic jams or weather.

The system is based on a simple if-then logic. For example, if condition 1 is fulfilled, then advertisement No. 1 will be displayed, and if condition 2 is fulfilled, then advertisement No. 2 will be displayed accordingly. This approach helps to increase CTR several times over.

Let us tell you about how this approach was applied by our client Aquaphor, manufacturer of water filters. As part of the corporate blog articles promotion campaign, weather targeting has become one of the strategies. Before showing an ad, E-Contenta analyzed the user’s location and local weather. If it was sunny and clear, the platform would show ads titled “Is it healthy to drink water?” If it was cloudy and the ambient temperature dropped below +5°C, users saw creatives titled “What could be better than a cup of tea?”. E-Contenta algorithm automatically changed the ads as soon as it received a notification about a change in the parameter crucial for the advertising campaign. Thus, we were able to display content not only on the pages of the relevant online publishers, but also under the relevant conditions. Clickability of the changing creatives was 2.3 times higher than the campaign average.

Virtually any business will be able to check out this targeting, try to attract the target audience and increase CTR of its creatives. For example, in campaigns for pharmaceutical brands, tests could be run to see how people react to different ads regarding immunity, depending on the weather. Real estate agencies will be able to link the changes in creatives to exchange rate or stock market fluctuations, and food delivery services will check the increase in the number of orders when people get stuck in traffic jams.

If you’re interested in testing dynamic targeting, we’ll be happy to support ideas, prove assumptions and increase campaign performance!