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We launch effective digital campaigns to increase sales through various traffic channels

Our clients
Our clients
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E-Contenta Performance

We work with all traffic sources, different advertising formats and provide transparent analytics
Contextual Advertising
We convert user interests into real purchase using relevant ads and a well-composed semantic core.
Targeted Advertising
We increase sales by using narrow targeting based on socio-demographic, behavioral and other characteristics.
Native Advertising
We show a native ad that looks like a recommended article to a target user: the readers will be turned into loyal customers.
Remarketing & Retargeting
We bring a potential buyer who has already visited your website or application to the target action.
How to launch a campaign

If the goal of your campaign is to attract paying customers, generate leads and sales, be prepared to share some important information with us
Tell us about the goals and objectives of the ad campaign, its terms,
budget and expected results
Tech preparation
Give us access to your analytics systems and pixels
Let's go!
Our expert launches the campaign and optimizes it to achieve maximum results.
Report and Recommendations
When the campaign is over, you will receive a report with the results,
ad placement examples and recommendations for boosting the efficiency
Payment Options

We always offer the most beneficial strategy to our partners and clients!
CPA (Cost Per Click)
Pay only for target user actions: registration, purchase, app installation, etc.
CPC (Cost Per Click)
Pay for clicks and get as many representatives of your target audience on your site or mobile app as you need.
CPM (Cost Per Mille)
Cost per 1000 ad impressions — suitable for both image and reach campaigns.
Learn how E-Contenta Performance can help you run results-driven ad campaigns
Send us a short description of your challenge, get info about current special offers and a quotation within 1 working day.

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